Designing a Premium Kitchen for Your Auckland Home

Designing a Premium Kitchen for Your Auckland Home

Kitchens Are More Than A Space To Prepare Food

A kitchen, first and foremost, has to be practical but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on beauty or innovation. Kitchens are no longer places to simply cook in — they are a living space.

We’ve all heard that the kitchen is the heart of the home but it can be said it is also the brains of the operation — it’s the perfect place to showcase your design and creative flare and incorporate new and innovative technology.

Tastes and fashions are forever changing, so whether you’re building or renovating, consider these 5 must-have innovations for your next kitchen design project.

5 Must-Have Innovations for Your Next Kitchen Design Project

1. The Wine Cellar. Now not everyone has the luxury of being able to burrow underground and create a space specifically for storing their favourite tipple. Instead of hiding away those beautiful bottles in cupboards, more and more people are opting to showcase their wine in permanent wine racks — the perfect statement piece.

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2. Smart appliances. The kitchen is becoming the one space that is seeing the most practical disruption in the technology industry. Take the Samsung Flex Duo ™ Slide-in Range with Dual Door™ for example. It allows home cooks the ability to control their meal prep times and temperatures without having to stay in the kitchen. The range lets you remotely monitor the cook top and oven functions on your Smartphone using a simple app.

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You can preheat and adjust oven cooking temperatures, set a timer, receive realtime alerts on oven temperatures and turn the oven off — all from your Smartphone.

The kitchen is the social hub of a home — so it makes sense that this space is evolving into a smart and connected space. Rewind to the 1960s and things like dishwashers were referred to as robots that are designed to make your lives a whole lot easier — yet it seems that only now in 2018 we are really coming to a tech revolution in the kitchen.

3. Integrated refrigeration and cabinetry. High-end fridges and ovens that can be controlled via your Smartphone represent a massive investment. If your appliances are looking a little dated and tired there is an answer — integrated cabinetry. Integrated cabinetry allows you to blend your appliances in seamlessly, underneath sleek and modern designs.

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Custom made cabinetry enhances the look and feel of a home — it is a beautiful craft and can set your home interior head and shoulders above the rest. DL Kitchens & Cabinetry in Auckland are masters in their craft and work with you in designing quality statement piece and enhance the look and feel of your kitchen design project.

4. Blum soft closing technology. There is nothing (nothing) that is more satisfying than closing a draw and it sliding to a gradual and soft close — saving your precious fine bone china tea pots.

Going for a midnight feast but don’t want the knife and fork draw to rattle the kids awake? Soft draws. Hands caked in flour so you have to nudge the draw closed with your bottom? Soft draws.

Nothing says ‘quality kitchen design’ and ‘fine detail’ than draws and cabinets that don’t slam to a shut. Developed by Blum — BLUMOTION is the soft-close system that ensures no matter how hard you slam doors, draws or pull-outs, they will always close smoothly.

5. Integrated over-the-sink chopping boards. Perfect for any kitchen size — an integrated over-the-sink chopping board maximises your countertop space. Over-the-sink chopping boards also act a handy sink cover so you can hide all those dirty dishes from the dinner party the night before!

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With help from this list of 5 innovative kitchen ideas you can be sure that your kitchen design will stand the test of time and be the envy of all that come round for a visit. DL Kitchens & Cabinetry have the experience and expertise to create the perfect kitchen for your Auckland home. Excellence is the benchmark by which DL Kitchens underscores all of their projects. If you are building or renovating, contact them today for a no-obligation chat.