5 Top Kitchen Design Trends in 2018

Whether you’re building from scratch, or thinking about updating your existing Auckland kitchen, it can be hard designing a new “heart of the home”. So what’s cooking in the world of kitchen design in New Zealand?

Here are our 5 Top Kitchen Design Trends in 2018 that’ll help to serve you up a nice helping of inspiration for your next project.

1. The Kitchen Island Focal Point

The kitchen island is very often the first element designers think of when they begin drafting up their dream kitchen — it’s no longer an afterthought that is squeezed in. The kitchen island is the perfect place to entertain and socialise.

What we are seeing more and more often is the transition from traditional kitchen islands that are simply a solid structure in an open plan environment into multipurpose mini kitchens-within-kitchens. In 2018 islands have storage solution cabinets built in and they’re also fitted with various under-the-counter appliances such as dishwashers and microwave ovens and deep sinks with extendable taps — all while providing a seating area perfect for casual dining and doubling up as a bar.

“Most will have breakfast bar seating or banqueting seating attached to the island so that dining is incorporated into the kitchen area.” Trainor from LochAnna Kitchens adds, “An island or breakfast bar can also work as a storage area and a place for dining. But less often they are used for actual food preparation. Utilise your island further by installing an appliance – the addition of a sink or hob in your island will mean everyone can get involved with food prep!”

2. Bespoke Cabinetry

A lack of storage in the kitchen has always been a problem. Not in 2018. Gone are the days of fumbling around every deep draw to look for the whisk or cheese knife.

Thanks to the rise of bespoke and innovative kitchen storage solutions there’s now the perfect option out there designed for your kitchen — all without unnecessarily taking up too much room.
Designers are looking for better storage solutions within the cabinetry which include: tray dividers (to separate larger items such as platter dishes, serving trays and cutting boards), drawer dividers, pull-out spice racks and appliance garages (which give small appliances their very own spot within the kitchen).

When it comes to the ultimate in kitchen hardware luxury, Blum are at the forefront of design. Blum are changing the way cabinet doors and drawers function with hydraulic and easy-to-close doors that fold or come to a gradual and soft close (no matter how hard you slam them) with a simple light touch — making them perfect for households where kids may be helping out in the kitchen.

3. Multifunctional Integrated Mini-Sink

Not content with having just one large sink? Well in 2018 the rise of the multifunctional mini-sink or “trough sink” is on the rise. This is a usually a long narrow sink that is separate from the main sink that is designed to be used for anything such as growing herbs (no messy over spills or dirt on your countertop), keeping your champagne on ice or simply as an additional sink.

“For the avid entertainer the multi-purpose integrated trough sink is the perfect addition to any kitchen and with more homeowners looking to add that “wow-factor” to their home”, says Matt Prall and Stephen Garland of Papilio.

4. Put It On Show

Designers are turning to open shelving as the perfect solution for merging storage and style. With the rise of luxury food items (such as organic olive oils and sauces etc.) and stylish kitchen appliances like the beautiful Bialetti coffee percolators — open shelving is all about making a statement.

Open shelving is also a great way to introduce greenery to your kitchen. Small, low-fuss hanging plants are becoming increasingly popular in traditionally sterile environments (such as kitchens and bathroom) and adds a great splash of colour to the space.

‘It’s the perfect chance to add lots of greenery in a physical format with bright, airy kitchens providing the perfect setting for succulents and hanging Ivy, incorporating yet another important interior style trend,’ says Papilio.

5. Opt for White

White is still the preferred colour for new kitchen designs in 2018. Designers and homeowners opt for white for its clean look. It’s also a great option to go with to reduce the space looking too cluttered (which is easily done in a kitchen).

White is timeless and can be used in virtually any kitchen style from farmhouse chic to ultra modern and contemporary. To break up white kitchen cabinetry and fittings expect to see loud and bold “pops of colour” in kitchen tops, splashbacks and even sink colours.

However, whilst we expect white to be the dominant colour for a long while to come, darker colours (such as black, navy and even warm purples) are slowly making their advance in ultra modern kitchen designs.