3 Reasons Why a Kitchen Renovation Can Increase the Value of Your Property

Upgrade Your Kitchen to Increase Your Home’s Value

A house is the biggest asset most people are likely to own — so a lot of thought goes into buying a property and one of the key areas people look at is the kitchen.

Whether you view your property as an investment or as a place to call home for years to come — upgrading your kitchen can increase your property value like no other home renovation can.

Here are 3 reasons why a kitchen renovation can increase the value of your property:

1. Kitchens can be extremely costly to renovate with potentially tens of thousands being spent on new smart appliances like Wi-Fi enabled fridges and ovens alone. Plumbing and electrical work also adds to the costs of renovating a new kitchen — and prospective home buyers know this.

It may put buyers off a house if they think they have to spend a substantial amount to renovate the kitchen.

However a sleek and modern upgrade to your kitchen that focuses on practicality can be achieved without going near a touch-screen dishwasher.

A well planned kitchen renovation that incorporates the following aspects is more likely to stand the test of time and impress potential buyers: investing in quality craftsmanship and treating your kitchen to tailor-made cabinetry, updating those cupboards and cabinets, taps, handles and installing quality fittings such as soft-close draws.

If your kitchen appliances are over 10 years old you should think about replacing them, look for energy efficient models — these are growing in popularity (for good reason) and could potentially save home buyers hundreds on their power bill.

Kitchen Renovation Split

2. A stunning new kitchen upgrade can add value to your property if it also maximises the space available.

Whether you intend to make your house a family home or you view the property as an investment, the kitchen space can determine whether or not it is suitable for growing families.

A well designed and thought-out kitchen that maximises the space available will mean that you (or your prospective buyers) can envision staying in the property for many years to come. If you are planning on selling your property, then take away the headache of planning a kitchen renovation for your potential buyers and provide them with a kitchen space that’s practical, modern and future-proof.

3. The kitchen has long been the social hub of the home. The kitchen is the place where families come together to prepare their meals, entertain guests, talk about their day, teach kids to cook — where else do you put your kids’ crayon scribbles up if not on the fridge in the kitchen?

It really is the heart of a home and if your new kitchen renovation “wows” prospective buyers, that will add value to your property and increases the chance of it being able to sell.

Whether you are designing a premium kitchen with the intentions of selling your property, or you are looking to renovate your home as your family grows, upgrading your kitchen can increase your property’s value like no other area of renovation can.

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Quality never goes out of fashion so if you are planning on a kitchen renovation speak with DL Kitchens today.